The natural appeal of York County and Historic Triangle is quickly disappearing, as uncontrolled development consumes the last vestiges of our region’s character.

We are citizen volunteers, dedicated to protecting the rural atmosphere and natural diversity of York County and the Historic Triangle.  We are concerned about recent population growth, made possible by rezoning.

For decades, York County Comprehensive Plans have put the target for “full population build-out” at 80,000 people. In other words, if all York County land was built to current zoning law, the population would be 80,000.   That 80,000 population target has been far surpassed.

Developers have routinely purchased land with the intention to rezone for highter density housing developments, and rezonings have been easy to obtain.  The 2015 Comprehensive Plan predicted 440 new homes in Upper York by 2021.   Instead, over 3,200 homes have been built or approved since 2015.  85% of these homes were allowed because of rezonings. 

That’s great news for developers, but for the rest of us it means higher taxes, increased traffic, more strain on emergency services, school overcrowding, and loss of regional beauty and wildlife habitat



Our mission is to advocate for measured, smart growth to enhance our community, attract tourism, and make life better for all residents of York County, James City County, and Williamsburg.

Our vision is to identify key areas for conservation, and to advocate for improved quality in the infrastructure of future development.

Strategic Objectives

Curb Urbanization of York County, James City County and Williamsburg by:

  • seeking recognition and protection of our historic heritage.
  • identifying and securing our remaining rural and potential conservation space.
  • working with the County to establish a Historic Value Green Zone in the northern portion of York County, north of I-64 from Camp Peary to the James City County line.
  • opposing rezoning and special use permits that do not comply with the Comprehensive Plan, unless it’s demonstrated that they add significant value.
  • ensuring that the community is informed of future traffic, environmental and school impacts from all planned development.
  • seeking independent financial analysis and auditing of fiscal studies presented for rezoning or special use permits.
  • mobilizing the residents of York County, James City County, and Williamsburg through active communication and engaging with local civic organizations.


Help guide development of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan by:

  • seeking creation of an “Area Plan” for the Skimino and Lightfoot communities.
  • maximizing community input in drafting and reviewing the 2040 Comprehensive Plan.
  • opposing any redefinition or rezoning of land to allow residential development beyond the existing Comprehensive Plan population targets.
  • informing civic leaders about the importance of smart growth that maintains necessary conservation.


Promote Historic Triangle cooperation expressed in regional goals set in 2012-2013.


We Propose a


The York County Comprehensive Plan reflects commitment to preserving open space and agricultural land.  It does not support planned communities and large developments, and states that development is to be limited primarily to the lower part of the county.

Virginia Beach, Spotsylvania County, and other localities have already established green zones to protect rural land.  We propose that York County do the same in the upper part of the county. 

This region’s national significance makes it worth protecting. 


The Historic Virginia Land Conservancy has a 30 year track record to prove it.  We are proud to join them in their efforts to protect our region.


Ron Struble

Retired Special Agent, Naval Criminal Investigative Service


Vice President
Steven Kennedy



Vice President
Montee Jons
Thomas Chamberlain

Retired, Newport News Shipbuilding

Darci Tucker

Owner, American Lives: History Brought to Life


Carolyn Broun

York County Resident

Gerald Denion

Retired Federal Employee

Dianne Howell

Educator; Preserve Queens Lake Leadership

Andrea Wilson

Multi-generational resident

Richard Howell

Retired Colonel, USAF; Defense Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.