York County, VA Board of Supervisors Election: November 7, 2023

About the Election

THIS YEAR, you have the opportunity to bring transparency back to York County

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Questions for the Candidates


**We posed a series of questions to each incumbent AND new candidate (via email and in-person interviews) regarding their position on the issues of Conservation, Preservation, AND York County's incessant re-zoning efforts, especially in Rural Residential neighborhoods**

Here are their replies (or lack thereof), arranged by district:

District 1:

Doug Holroyd

  • "Eliminate or greatly restrict high-density development in York County!

TRANSPARENCY is urgently needed, along with better communication regarding decision making. 

We need to lower taxes, PRIMARILY the personal property tax."

District 2:

Dalila Johnson

  • "Environment - I believe we owe it to our children and grandchildren to be better stewards of all natural resources entrusted to us. In that interest I pledge: to Protect, to Preserve, and to Invest in York County. Find a balance that provides jobs for everyone, enhance residents' quality of life. Further we must find a balance and sustain York County‚Äôs finite natural resources." Also,

"Introduce a CODE of ETHICS for all Supervisors to assure all Residents have confidence in the integrity of their local government."

Sheila Noll


District 3:

Wayne Drewry

  • "Keep the County a County, not to grow into a city. Less growth and less spending.

Revitalize Route 17, encourage higher end restaurants in this corridor. Keep Yorktown Proper a Historical town, and not overgrown with modern architecture. Your voice matters, I work for you!"

George Clark

  • "Dislikes apartments, condos, townhouses, and cluster homes. Likes houses and single-family residences. Cannot stand solar farms on farmland or land that has been cleared for solar farms. If we need them, then put them in areas like closed landfills or other areas that have been disturbed that are no longer in use."

District 4:

Robert Holloway, Jr.

  • "LESS Pavement, MORE Trees, Fewer Secrets! It's time for a change. Let's take back OUR County. People, not politics."

Stephen Roane

  • "I will strive to ensure a balance between property rights, responsible development, and conservation to support the best interests of York County residents."

District 5:

Tom Shepperd


Stay informed and make your voice heard. Call and write your Supervisors TODAY!

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