Here’s Why it’s Time for Citizen Action:

This chart shows residential construction (finished and approved) in York County since the 2015 Comprehensive Plan. It includes the 288 units that can be built, by right, on Fenton Mill.
Green = construction in compliance with 2015 zoning
Orange = construction made possible by REZONING for higher density.
As you can see, we are FAR BEYOND the 400 units projected by this date. We are even FAR BEYOND the 1,400 units projected by 2035.
Thanks to citizen action, our County officials finally agreed to try and slow the growth, by rejecting the Fenton Mill Living rezoning application. PLEASE JOIN US IN THANKING THEM!
But developers do not go away. More developers have already purchased even more County acreage, with their eyes on profit. Lightfoot Rd traffic, already terrible, is about to get even worse.
Now that we've gotten the attention of county leaders, we must remain vigilant: Conserve York County Foundation is now the watchdog over runaway growth and reckless suburbanization of our area.

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