Conservation Award!

In case you missed it, the Conserve York County Foundation was awarded the Historic Virginia Land Conservancy 2021 Commitment to Conservation Award!
This award recognizes "extraordinary efforts to protect and preserve our community ambiance in the Historic Triangle by advocating for smart growth and conservation."
Our goal is to conserve what land we can through smart development. We encourage the reuse and repurposing of existing structures before the destruction of woods and farmland, and support landowners rights to use their land according to its existing zoning.
This award also recognizes YOU...the AMAZING community that continues to take an active role in protecting our beautiful home. YOU have written letters and emails. YOU have posted yard signs and bumper stickers. YOU have attended meetings in frigid, wet weather. YOU have shown our county leadership that you are paying attention and that conservation of our rural land matters! Thank you!

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Conserve York County Foundation

The Conserve York County Foundation is proud to partner with the Historic Virginia Land Conservancy.

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